Dweller of The Sevenfold

from by Cobalt Blue



Lyrics: Canan, Miotto

Thick liquid dripping black like vultures,
drawing spatter patterns to the steel-toe of a boot.
Spitting teeth by the dozens,
moaning senseless fables about how we all traveled in time.

"As you all may have experienced", he said,
"the timespan of a year have been shrinking, as the universe expands.
And thats all our fault,
because we deny we have travelled in time."

And that's when they came
With their suits and batons drawn
Blood in their eyes as they charge for the prey
A handful of men
Vs a single lad in thorns
"Disrupting the peace" as they all like to say

"There's no such thing as time travel, you dumb fuck, piece of shit.
You maggot!
Now you've got what you wanted, so pack your trash and leave the fuck outta here, you fuck fuckity fuck!"

(A few times he searched for the light
Now his protection became the dark
Evaded like he is somehow contagious
But all he needs is inside)

"Yeah, sure... there is no such thing as time travel... and I am the dumb fuck!
Do you even know how you exist?
You would not even be here. Odds are you won't even be born.
But sure... you're right... I'm on my way, you genius.
Fucking Genius of Time and Space.
I'm dead. We are all dead."

Now he packs his things to leave that time
regretting being on that train station.`
He tried so hard but got no far,
now leaves mankind without salvation.

"Come on… I must go back to the place where my mind belongs.
But I ain't got a spare change. I'm so naive. I'm so fucking naive."


from Stop Momentum, released April 28, 2017
Canan - Drums.
Miotto - Vocals, bass and guitars.

Special guests:
Julian Brzozowski - Tenor sax.
Tom Idê - Trumpets.
Xande Lunardelli - Hammond.

Mixed and mastered by Júlio Miotto @ Calamar Sounds (Florianópolis - Brazil)

Produced by Júlio Miotto, assisted by Cobalt Blue.



all rights reserved


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