Still a Natural Condition

by Cobalt Blue

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Our first EP, "Still a natural condition", was almost fully written and recorded in a peaceful site where the nature reigns. With a touch of that source in everything we did, these songs translate our communication with the environment that surround us and all the feelings we may hold about it. The mixing process and all the final details were made in our home studio, in Florianópolis, BR.


released April 28, 2012

Felipe Canan - backing vocal, drums, percussion;
Guilherme P. Colossi - backing vocal, guitars, bass;
Júlio H. Miotto - vocal, guitars, bass, keys, flutes.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Júlio Miotto
Produced by Cobalt Blue



all rights reserved


Cobalt Blue Florianópolis, Brazil

We're a progressive psychedelic rock band from Florianópolis, Brazil.
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Track Name: Dawning Lights
Bom dia.
Track Name: Autumn
I see colors and shapes
bodies and trees

I touch light surfaces

Shines the rock and reflects
the concrete ectoplasm

This moves makes me go
to the infinite
and nothing I reach

'Cause I'm never alone
and the light condemns me
With no senses, none of them
I'm attached to their destiny
Track Name: Vapor Juice
The Bird can't fly while it's wings are tied to it's cage.
Track Name: Blind We Remain
Fractals of light in the sky will sustain
Glowing pictures and sounds from the rain
Luring the night on the wings of the mind
Merging feelings since blind we became

(feeling)Safe and sound
Lifting from the ground
Trading dreams for clouds
Leaving home for now

Driving ships away
Feelings overlaid
Conscious all the way
Blind we'll stay
Track Name: The Eloquent Bawl
When they start to suffocate i plead
I could have been better
When they start to leave the scene I think
why this always happens to me?

Last time I checked her heart was beating

Batter your ground, spread out and spring
so try not to kill them all right now
That feeling you buried won't hold you for real
When dreams tear the people to negative forms, so

For your claim
Don't you depart

They have sinned
I can't see
my damage can't be undone

I'm sick
Of tormenting my own trial
Well, I'm sick
Of people overdosing their own load

Stream compensation
a life with no deeds
you keep yourself from inner selfdestruction
tension overleaps

Connective layout
Collective bailout
Constructive breakdown
Lay down your borrowed wings by dawn

Rest your head now and wait for it
you've done nothing in life to repent your sins
the end is close, not so bright, and you don't want to leave
it's time to fall on your knees, so The One will be free, 'cause...

It's been said, when the profecy is done
when the sun does not shine and the moon won't glow
a thousand nails will scratch your skin to the bones
the place you once called home will be just dust and stones

I said to bury the witness
said bury the witness
said bury the witness under the wall of stone

I said to carry the victims
said carry the victims
said carry the victims to build the great wall

Bury the witness... I said to bury them all.
Carry the victims... I said to carry them all.